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Handwritten Note from Ron Paul To Hope Henley
Click here to see handwritten note (relevant to below video) from Ron Paul to Hope Henley
with Background as to how the Note came about


Ron Paul says
Write In R3VOLution "worthwhile"
if Independent -- and Grassroots Wants To Do It !!!
as Explained Below

Ron Paul is asked about our Write-In R3VOLution Project specifically in Victoria, Texas, circa October 13, 2012 -- and while he is not going to sign any papers to become an official write in candidate, he calls the Write In R3VOLution to write him in for President "Worthwhile" if the grassroots wants to do it as an INDEPENDENT effort, and if we feel it will send a message to Washington.

See Video from 26 minutes & 40 seconds --  to 29 minutes & 42 seconds for the Question, and Ron Paul's Answer on Write In R3VOLution Efforts to Write-In His Name for President. (See below video for summary of the question and answer.)


Ron Paul - Victoria Texas, October 2012

If you came to watch this first, after you see, hear and read Ron Paul calling the Write In R3VOLution to write in his name for President"Worthwhile", please return to the home page of --- watch the Main Video, donate to the Radio Ads Campaign if you are able, and FOR SURE click to get your Instructions and Affidavit to write in Ron Paul for President backed by your affidavit. Thanks.
Write In R3VOLution WILL ALSO accept your affidavit if you vote for another one of the Liberty Candidates!
Find the Written Summary of the Question and Ron Paul's answer in the above video immediately below.

Here is the Summary of the Question, and Ron Paul's answer from the 26:40 minute mark to the 29.42 minute mark in the above YouTube Embedded Video.

(Below is a Summary of what is said, not direct quotes; see the video between the minutes indicated to hear the exact words of the Questioner and Dr. Paul)

The Questioner's Question to Ron Paul: (God Bless This Lady who asked Ron Paul this question, -- we have since found out it was Remmic Lewis of Texas!)

a) I see more and more people online who want to vote for you for President, and they are working at the Write In REVOLution (she gives our website which tells people where their affidavits are to be sent, so we know she is talking about THIS EFFORT). She states that we are VERY PASSIONATE about the need for this project.

b) I believe the entire election system is corrupted, and that we don't have a say in the outcome. (Our Comment: This good lady has probably watched our Main Video on the home page of -- especially minutes 2:00 to 4:00 which explains how the election corruption works in 99% of our counties.)

c) I am going to join the Write In R3VOLution and write in your name for President EVEN IF IT's JUST A SYMBOLIC ACT.

d) Would it possible for you (Dr. Paul) to comment on that?

(End of the summary of the Question)


Ron Paul Responds to the Question: (Notice that Ron Paul does NOT contradict anything this well informed Lady says! He nods his head when the Lady says that she believes we voters do NOT have a say in the election outcome for President. Also, notice that, as always, Congressman Paul does NOT TAMP DOWN the enthusiasm or the initiative of the grassroots. In this he is so different from almost all other politicians. He is obviously not in this movement for himself, and he clearly realizes that the grassroots must carry on to victory for the Liberty Movement he has brought together. )

Again, these are a Summary of what is said, not direct quotes; see the video in the minutes indicated to hear the exact words of the Questioner and Dr. Paul.

a) I get a lot of questions on this in inquiries and emails, and sometimes they want me to sign something, i.e., to fully endorse it as a legal matter.

b) I haven't signed anything, because that would carry it into the realm of a legal matter (for my campaign).

c) So I neither encourage or discourage it . . . I do not discourage it because of the frustration.

d) Some places they will count the vote.

e) If people feel totally exasperated and want the satisfaction of doing something . . . there shouldn't be anything wrong with it.

f) But I don't want people to be led into deception, like, if we have this write in campaign major things will happen. That's not true. (Webmaster's comment: This is correct, but tens of thousands to millions of people writing in Ron Paul for President in 2012, back by our affidavits, could be the BEGINNING of major things happening. The Write In R3VOLution, PLUS the radio ads to publicize it, PLUS the four year strategy for 2012-2016 linked on the home page, is an attempted first step to help carry on from this point forward.)

g) For those doing such a write in campaign -- the most important thing is to hold the Election Officials' feet to the fire -- and make them count 'em! (Webmaster's comment: In this comment Dr. Paul seems to be recognizing that there are a lot of road blocks put in front of the voters when they don't like either of the two major Party nominee's for President. There are many needless roadblocks, all put their to protect the two major parties. He seems to be encouraging us to legally and peacefully "batter down" these, some would say, unconstitutional restrictions against many write-in votes. These restrictions against write-in votes limit our right to vote just as surely as poll taxes, literacy tests, and similar restrictions unconstitutionally limited the rights of voters in decades past.)

h) But they (the Election Establishment Officials) so often don't (count 'em).

i) Politics is not always a very clean business.

j) It's a lot easier to deal with the philosophy of ideas than with the [dirty] politics of it all.

k)  Politics is a means, but not necessarily an end. The end is changing the philosophy.

l) So if these campaigns, one way or the other, can get attention to certain issues, then I think it's worthwhile.

m) I told someone who had asked me to sign to become an official write in candidate -- that (for my 2012 campaign) it then is liking asking the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) to come in an audit your campaign with a fine tooth comb. It's like asking the IRS to come in and audit you. We don't want to do that. . . . We want to get rid of the IRS, right?  (Applause from the audience)

(End of Congressman Paul's response to the Question)

So, it is clear Congressman Ron Paul is NOT going to endorse a write in campaign by signing something to become an official write-in candidate for President in 2012 (because of all the artificial legal roadblocks and harassments that have put placed in the way to protect the two Major Parties).

However, as indicated on the youtube video of the session in Victoria, Texas, and in summary item l) above -- he does encourage this movement, and other such movements, IF it is an independent movement of the grassroots activists, and if this type of campaign might get attention to certain issues. Ron Paul says, under those circumstances, he thinks "it is worthwhile" -- and that is a direct quote from his actual words.

---- Now please go back to the home page at - watch the Main Video, and decide whether you want to join us in the Write In Revolution, backed by your affidavit, -- and also whether or not you would like to donate (if you are able) to the Radio Ads Campaign, based on the Reasonable Access Law, to make this movement known to millions of the unawakened public via radio ads through congressional candidates on the largest talk stations, right in the middle of the largest Radio shows such as Rush, Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc. (whether the radio stations or talk show hosts like it or not). Thanks
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This summary of the video done by Jim Condit Jr.

 WE ASK YOU: After all the media censorship and ridicule; after all the rigged caucuses such as Iowa and Maine, as well as many others; after all the easily rigged, illegal, unconstitutional secret computer counts in all the primaries -- where we are taking the published "results" that Romney won and Ron Paul did so "poorly" on BLIND FAITH; and after the totalitarian suppression and complete violation of delegate rights at the GOP convention in Tampa in 2012; and with Homeland Security's attempt to frisk Carol Paul (Dr Paul's wife) as they were leaving Tampa one day before Romney spoke, and without Dr. Paul endorsing Romney --

 Do you think Ron and Carol Paul would be happy or unhappy if 2 million Americans wrote his name in for President in 2012, back by our affidavits???  -- even if it was only a symbolic act, and even if most of the states didn't count the votes??? The answer is obvious -- and we, the American people, are reduced at this point to this type of protest because of the hi-jacking of our election system by the Computer Votefraud Crime Syndicate, as explained in our MAIN VIDEO on the home page of and further backed up with tons of documentation in articles linked in the right hand column of the home page at --

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