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Handwritten Note from Ron Paul to Hope Henley
Calling "Write In Revolution" and all such efforts attempting to rectify the System "Welcomed"


Hope Henley is one of the key people in the movement -- in fact, she thought up the website name of --

A few weeks ago, Hope Henley sent Ron Paul all the papers he needed to officially declare himself as a Presidential write-in candidate in the various states. Dr. Paul responded that he wasn't going to sign any papers because of complicating FEC regulations (the same as he stated on the YouTube video in Victoria, Texas), but that all efforts (such as Write In Revolution, to whose representative he was responding) to rectify injustices in the system are "welcomed." -- Click below to see the hand-written note from Ron Paul to Hope Henley:


Click here to see hand-written note from Ron Paul to Hope Henley
about "Write In Revolution" and other such efforts: