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  General Documentation


This Documentation page will be expanded -- but what you see below was put up somewhat hastily for the 55KRC.com radio show at 10 PM EST on 10-28-12 as the script for the show was being compiled.


 Computer Votescam Documentation


Q. Who is the ultimate power behind the Computer Votescam Syndicate and so much else in the political world?


Search Youtube for:


The Secret of Oz by Bill Still (90 min) and

Money Masters by Bill Still (3 1/2 hours)



WagTheDog247.com will have conference call schedules and Affidavit plan for voters

WatchTheVote2012.com -- The Edward True Story -- how he and we made the Iowa GOP change the winner two weeks after the election for the first time in American history (for a major Presidential caucus) -- showing the power of ONE honest and alert eye-witness. (It is impossible to eye-witness anything in a secret computer count.

Votefraud.org -- especially the royal blue column on the right hand side of homepage

* * * * * *

Articles down right hand column on the home page of Votefraud.org --

- A House without Doors - by Jim Condit Jr. (published in Chronicles Magazine in Nov. 1996

- Relevant Magazine: Pandora's Black Box -- Did it Really count your vote? by Dr. Philip O'Halloran

(The above two articles give you all you need to know as to how the Computer Votescam Syndicate works)

- How They Could Steal the Election This Time by Ronnie Dugger -- You only need to read the first few paragraphs, but the whole article is worthwhile

- How A Private Company Counts our Votes on Election Night --- Christopher Bollyn (eye witness account in 2004 in Chicago -- this is a blockbuster, and confirms Dr. O'Halloran's research in the Relevance article referenced above.

Everything in the votefraud.org archives is good

* * * * *

My radio show on www.55krc.com tonight at 10 PM eastern, Sunday October 28 and Sunday November 4, 2012; -- I'll put these audios up in this documentation section of WagTheDog247.com the week following the show, and on Youtube.
Coming Soon

I'm a candidate for Congress against John Boehner in the 8the district of Ohio.

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Short videos on YouTube:

Watch The Vote 2012 - Iowa Caucus

South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul

The Strangest Political Secret -- (also on WagTheDog2010.com)

* * * * * *


HBO Documentary:

Hacking Democracy -- is on YouTube (probably illegally) in ten or so parts. This is a tremendous documentary "starring" Bev Harris of Black Box Voting.

(Caution: This was made by great guys whose hearts are in the right place -- but they seemed to fear that  the Bush family was the ultimate controller of the computer programs; they seemed to want to try and insure a fair shake for the Democrat in 2008; they imply that the Republicans and Bush family are the ultimate powers behind the secret computer programs.

 WRONG! The Dems and Repubs at the national level are "two wings on the same bird of prey" to quote Pat Buchanan running for the Reform Party Presidential nomination in 2000. The bird of prey? Banksters behind and around the FED, Goldman-Sachs and other similar banking operations -- they can issue all the money they want to erect mega-computer software companies that offer all the local US counties secret software for "ease" in conducting elections. See the two videos by Bill Still above on this Bankster "shadow government."

 The Right to Count by Richard Slyke

* * * * * 

Other good websites:

www.blackboxvoting.org - Bev Harris, "star" of "Hacking Democracy" HBO documentary

http://www.thelandesreport.com/VotingSecurity.htm -- astounding work

http://thelandesreport.com/index.htm -- astounding work

http://www.bradblog.com/ -- How does this guy do it? Bring us all that information?

* * * * *


Votescam: The Stealing of America by James & Ken Collier (most important, and first major book on the subject, published in 1992.)

Rigged -- Dr. Cass Ingram (new)

Hacked! by Vicky Karp

Black Box Voting by Bev Harris (free online at BlackBoxVoting.org )

Other short articles:

Battle of Athens, Fight for America



Death Threats Enter the Votescam Investigation for the Second Time


Network America Votescam articles from Jan 2000 to June 2001:


(much relevant information here for 2012 and beyond as well)
















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